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United States
Hello, my name is Mai.
I am a farm intern and aspiring story teller. I love good food, good stories and good jokes. And also Donkeys.

Check out my tumblr for daily doodles, wips, and sketch requests!


Wren Bird Trainer Card 2017

My precious child. <3 Her art doesn't fit as well on this form. </3


Trainer Information

• Name: Wren Bird

• Player: MaiNona

• Gender: Female

• Sexuality: Heterosexual

• Job: Livestock Farmer

  •     Home Town: Pix Creek- A small rural town in the south

• Nicknames: None

• Voice Example: None

• Alignment: Neutral Good

• Age: 20

• Body Type: moderately light, moderately athletic

• Height: 5’2’’

• Weight: 115 lbs.

• Complexion: caucasian

• Hair: Light Brown

• Eyes: Green

• Handedness: Right

• Relationship Status: What’s relationship? Who has time for that?

  • Heath: Good health; Stronger than she looks; Good stamina; Prone to colds when her work is heaviest.

• Personality: Wren is an earnest and integral person. She is very honest and open with all people, regardless of wether or not she knows them. She works very hard, keeps her word, and gives all she has. Somewhat naively, she expects all other people to be as good natured as her. But it seems her positive attitude brings out the best in most people. She is very self conscious and is constantly trying to prove herself, because of this, she prefers the company of Dogs and Livestock. She always pushes herself to work hard, even if she is very tired.

• Mannerisms: Tends to have hair tied back. Walks with a purposeful gait. Sings to self while working. Talks to livestock and plants.

• Likes: Pokemon, Rural Areas, The Forest, Dawn and Dusk, Books, Dogs, Food, Foxes

• Dislikes: feeling inadequate, wet days, blizzards, ghosts, tests

• Skills: horse back riding, herding cattle, home veterinary, emergency first aid, animal husbandry, pokemon training, basic carpentry, gardening, butchery, plumbing, cheesemaking, welding, rodeo, and forestry.

• Weaknesses: Dead animals, criticism, six feet of snow


  • Description

Wren is very short in stature. She has a tendency to be looked over in crowds. She has a large smile and focussed eyes. She wears nice, mildly western clothing. Or, at least, her clothes would be nice if they were not stained with dirt, manure, and other questionable substances. This doesn’t seem to bother her. She has an unexpected amount of strength and energy. She is quiet and polite most of the time, but if caught on a bad day can be a loud angry spitfire. She can a surprisingly masculine attitude when it comes to working with cattle and other livestock, not flinching from blood or death or an angry bull, but matching it in intensity. You will only find her in town once a week. She goes in to sell her farm products, and uses the time to catch up on errands and business. Every other day you can find her alone, working diligently on her farm. It is a small, diverse place, full of pokemon, where there is never any shortage of work to be done. Overall Wren is appealing and kind to people, although seemingly foreign. 

  • Biography

Infancy 0-3

Wren was born on her parent’s Tauros Ranch in the south. Her father worked the cattle and her mother cared for Wren and her two older brothers.

Childhood 4-12

Homeschooled by her mother, Wren spent her days gardening, cooking, and working alongside her mom. She did not spend much time with her father and brothers as they did farm work from dawn until dusk. But she greatly enjoyed hearing their stories at meal time and sharing with them her day’s learnings. During this time she was also very attached to various livestock dogs that worked the farm.

Teendom 13-18

Wren’s brothers had grown up and left the house hold, leaving Wren’s father with out help on the Ranch. With much begging Wren managed to convince her parents to let her work the Ranch alongside her dad. She now spent half the day with her father, somewhat scared of his gruff ways, but overall fascinated by all that he had to teach her. Being a young girl, who was also still being schooled, Wren could not do all the work that the farm needed. This along with her father distancing himself from Wren, caused her to believe he was disappointed in her and she worked as hard as she could manage. Despite this Wren reveled in the work. Farming, working with pokemon, was her passion. She was determined to be a farmer like her father.

Young Adult 19-28

Wren’s father disapproved of Wren’s obsession with farming. He thought it improper work for a woman, and insisted that Wren could not possibly succeed. As soon as the farm could afford it, farm hands were hired to do the extra work, and wren was sent back to the household work. She hated it and, determined to prove herself, decided to start her own farm. After a lot of arguing, and a lot of convincing from her mother’s behalf, Wren’s father gave her a loan to buy a piece of land. Under the condition that if she was not able to make enough money to pay him back, she would drop the farm idea and look for a proper job. Wren moved to Ivywood, bought an old dilapidated farm on the outskirts of town and started her adventure.

Early Adult 29-45


Late Adult 46-59


Retiree 60-70


Elder 71+

Pokemon Team

Tauros- Henry

Henry was a calf Wren helped to birth at her home ranch, right before she left for Ivywood. She fell in love with him and bought him off of her father. Henry now serves as the power source on the farm, providing Wren with transportation, hauling and tilling abilities. Now highly leveled from a lot of hard work. A serious but lovable creature.

Arcanine- Chris
Wren received this loyal Pokemon from an event the Ivywood mayor held when she first arrived. (Growlithe jumped out of a pumpkin wth) Now a very large and strong dog, he acts as the livestock guardian and alpha farm dog.

Ponyta- Charlie

Working with horses is one of Wren’s great loves and she has known for years she wants to work her fields with a strong team of drafts. She bought this colt off of another trainer in town, and set into training him. With a serious attitude and an unusual dappled coat, Charlie was the perfect partner.

Ponyta- Macie

Thrilled with the success of working with Charlie, Wren set out to get a second horse so that she could raise them as a team. Wild and energetic, Macie turned out to be a much less than ideal addition to the farm. She is now training alongside Charlie but has caused numerous headaches along the way. Funnily, she seems to enjoy causing Wren problems.

Poliwag- ——

Caught soon after arriving in Ivywood, this little water Pokemon helps Wren water the livestock, fields, and gardens. Unfortunately he is a bit small and the task it’s currently rather overwhelming for the poor guy. Wren loves him anyway.

Pikachu- ———-

All of Wren’s Pokemon reside in the fields, barn, and other outbuildings on the farm. Pikachu however, is the exception. She is the only house Pokemon on the property. Wren claims to keep her for when the electricity goes out in storms, but really she's just an excellent snuggle partner.

Battle Habbits

Wren doesn’t battle for sport often. Usually her battling is to protect her livestock from wild predators or capture pokemon. She mainly uses her Tauros, Henry, and her Arcanine, Chris. If you do battle her, be warned, those two Pokemon are level freaking a million and they will fuu.


• Lover: -none-

    - Wren is extremely work and pokemon oriented, romance hasn't occurred to her.

• Friends

- Jannet Jones

    - This chef is one of the main customers of Wren’s farm products. Jan latched onto Wren immediately, taking it upon herself to be her best friend, romance advisor, and personal cook.

  • Family:

- Father

    - He taught her everything she knows about farming. He had no idea how to raise a girl. Wren wants very much to show him she is worthwhile.

- Mother

    -Classic farm mom. Raised and homeschooled all of her children. She loves them immensely and worries a lot.

- Brother

    -Older Brother- 29

- Brother

    - Older Brother- 27

• Rivals or Enemies: -none-

-Wren is good natured, doesn’t tend to make enemies.

• Other: 

- Mr. Fredrickson - Neighbor

    - An old farmer who lives up the road. He has helped Wren on many occasions. Somewhat of a father figure. He gave wren a goat.

- Mrs. Daniels - Neighbor

    -Middle aged woman across the road, always drops off jam.

Roleplay Availability

I don’t have time for much roleplaying, but I would love for your character to interact with Wren or be friends or something! Comment or note me for some really informal stuff! I apologize in advance for late replies.

art and characters (C) MaiNona
Credit to Pokemon

Trade with arkeis-andor

Trainer Apps:…
Your Pokemon -
Guest Pokemon: Victor's Gyarados
Word Counter: -
Items used: -

I've never drawn a sword before? Or a uniform? afjhbfgdhbgah. I did my best. I hope I did Victor some justice!

Character (C) :iconarkeis-andor:
art (C) MaiNona
Florian and Poppy (2)
Part two of a trade with Axel-Angel982

whyyyyyy would i do a bg that needed straight lines?!? dfzjhbafdghgdfhug. Like hour 5 i just flipped the table. It's fine. but really lovely couple by the fire. they are good.

characters (C) :iconaxel-angel982:
art (C) MaiNona
Spring is coming around again! That means I am heading out into the world of farm work once more! I am so thrilled about this coming season, I think it is going to be full of new experiences! Cross your fingers for me and send a prayer so that I'll end up driving a team of draft horses!

I'll be in about once a week to check messages and post sporadic art. Love to y'all! Enjoy the new hours of sun! 

Blonde Cow (Shocked) (Flying hair) 


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